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Nom on the bunny


Nom nom on Hunny Bunny!!! =3333

Anyhow today I got mad at him. He pooped all over the front and.. the room. and MY ROOM! =.= He’s a pooper. -.-

Then I also took my weekly trip to joanns xD I returned $30 worth of the Project Color/Bird. >.< That was a costly one. But hey, it would’ve been worth it if we won. Then I also bought $17 more stuff. Mainly lots of pieces of fabric for my mother and to make some new bows and what not to do. …. Yea. hopefully.

Anything else… started to play Iris. It’s a gpotato game. Decent. Fairly decent.

I keep falling asleep in church to. I used to be good at staying up but.. it just seems like its so.. soothing!! T.T Anyhow.. .time to go try to do something productive.. lol!!



Don’t laugh xD I really liked this movie~ Heck I like Selena Gomez a lot x3

I have this song in my car. It’s really fun to sing to ^^ Read the lyrics~ Maybe it’ll mean something to you xD

Paid. Young. Taking on the world from the driver’s seat =3


1st (4th) of Dec

A few days past.. Sorry I’ve been busy (Wow it feels like I’m saying sorry to myself xD)

The 1st of December has passed. It’s a great month to play Neopets btw! xDDD Just saying.. Advent Calender. I always play it every December. It’s the inner kid in me =3
Time to list out of things to do this month… let’s also be reminded that it is the month of a Holiday~ Christmas for me ^^ It really just means more church going xD
Anyways. To the list:

~Finish Tomoyo Headdress
~XQ upgrades for ALA
~XQ Masq skit planned
~Finish last winter design…

I’m disappointed in myself. I didn’t finish a lot last month… each month that goes by is time lost. I should be working VERY hard. I really should. school is a distraction more than anything, but it’s needed of course. Heck that takes priority >.<
I just… know  I can work harder at this. I want so badly for this dream to come true. Because actually listeningg to those cheesy songs about dreams coming true… I really really want it. And I’ll give up a little time to do so.
Yet this is the time Gee takes to spring an mmo >.>And I can’t resist the cuteness!!! =.=

A dress sneak peak~


A sneak peak on my next dress I’m working on~ =3
I don’t want to give out too much details but their will be more than just this, obviously. I got really inspired just by seeing other dresses being desgined. I don’t know how well of a designer I am.. or if I can even remotely MAKE what I think up in my head. My thinking became very.. weird with fabric. I love it though~

So today I took out my lovely friend and put on cosplays on it. None They were made cheaply and to get into with upmost ease. .. For me. So! Now I have to use more zippers and what not. Fine. I will xD