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Hunny has a new friend =3

 photo DSCN2766_zpsa63f1030.jpg

The neighbors have a free roaming cat with a cute red harness… it actually reminds me of a tiger when it walks o.o This is the first time I’ve been able to see the two really interact though! So the cat just comes up and lays in the patches of dirt that Hunny either digs at or just lays at. And it looks like he is going to pounce on Hunny.. which he kinda does but not a quick as a cat would if it was trying to catch a prey. A few times the kitty pawed at hunny playfully and it was so cute!

It’s weird though cause we thought the cat was harassing Hunny bunny but…. when hunny saw him after going inside for awhile.. he did this huge jump up into the air! It was amazing… he looked SO happy. It was so cute =3 So I’m pretty sure they are friends at this point~

I also have to go out and buy a collar soon for hunny because a girl tried stealing him today >.> Soo…. Collar. for sure.

Other than that…. Did alot today =3 Working on something new tooo!! Watch out for it~


Ducks. Bunny -.-


Ducks. Lovely things really. This was the first time I’ve seen ducks dig through mud for I’m guessing bugs…. It was quite fun to see because there was a sprinkler on and they were like bathing with it too xD At least… that’s what it looked like to me. So why am I talking about ducks? Well… it really doesn’t have a connection to today other than my little rascal named, Hunny.

See… there is something really special about bunnies. It’s not that they are the cute creature of the world, or that their fur is so soft we probably make blankets out of it…. and let’s face it, that is probably somewhere out there (as sad as that may be). No, what is so special about them is that…. they poop in pellets and thier pee is TOXIC.  I may have mentioned this before but I have no experienced it to it’s fullest extent today. Yes. Today.

Today I went to explore a depth that has not been seen before… and we want to keep it that way. So in respect to that, I will keep details private. The bulk of it? Think of this lovely cute bunny with it’s toxic pee and fertilizer of a poop and let it accumulate for a few month. You can only imagine the smell and outcome of that…. and because I’m nice I won’t describe it to you or give you an analogy. Why? That’s just mean xP

So I cleaned it… WE cleaned it. And…. we LIVE! It took a little bit (like an hour…) but well worth it. That was my day. (That and actually doing work work lol!) I also washed my car and cleaned the carpet in it ^^ Yea.. PRODUCTIVE


It’s not a llama


I watched a Guanaco for .. probably almost an hour? What is a Guanaco you say? Well let me start off from the beginning of my story.

I woke up WAY too early today cause … I just did. I went to the zoo today~ It was the 2nd part of my class trip, though this one was much more fun cause I went with Hea~ So I took this picture while we were observing our animals, I don’t even think she knows I took this.. xDDD


This baby is what we nicknamed Nacho =3 He’s cute no? He liked to lick himself >.> That’s how we figured out that it was a guy >.> ahaha… It was cute though. I spent a good 10 minutes spazzing about it, then I got bored cause it just.. ATE =.= But it’s what I have to write a mini paper on and by far the best animal I saw at that zoo. The zoo was known for its monkeys and… well… I’m not fond of monkeys at all. Except the white and black ‘skunk’ one. But I only liked it cause of its epically long tail ^^
Photobucket <— see tail? Thats only the bottom part of it. xD

Anyhow… that was all fun. Not so bad. Went shopping a bit afterwards cause.. well we both had time. It was good. I found a shirt but I wasn’t too fond of it. Even though it was pink!! >.> And like 7 bucks. But I’m not fond of racer back tanks… Oh well!!

Theres more that happened but.. Kinda lazy to go into it more. but here’s some stuff condensed:
1. scrabble is addicting and annoyingly fun
2. The pet shop lady lied about the pom not being a mix.. I know my poms.
3. Jamba juice is yummy~


Zoooo time!!


I’m holding a giraffe!!! =333
I know… I had to do one of these.. but wait! It’s not over~

A two headed giraffe!! lol!! That one was just for fun =P

But overall the trip was really fun. I found a new animal I really really like a… fennec fox!!

Cute huh?

Anyhow the trip was really fun~ Went on it because my cousins from MI are visiting for like.. a week. And weather here has been sucking!! It’s cold. And rainy o.o Why can’t it at least snow?! Hmph >.<

The pandas were SOOOO CUTE!! /snuggles xDDD Cute huh? This one was named Gao gao~ lol!

Oh so my little cousins took pictures in those board which you have to stick your head in right? And I was looking at the back of one and my sister says “Go put your head in it!!” And I was about to cause.. it’s fun even if you don’t know what it is! But I didn’t anyways and looked at it and this is what it was…\

And I was about to go in the RIGHT one!!! T.T TT.TT
I HATE HATE HATE looking at this. still gives me the creeps.

Oh! I have LOTS of videos. once I have time i’ll make a short little vid blog of it ^^