Archive | December 31, 2010

New Years eve~

So excited!! Planning out my list TOMORROW! Look out for it. PLus. I have some really awesome, exciting, epic news!!!


Hope everyone ended thier year good!!


Zoooo time!!


I’m holding a giraffe!!! =333
I know… I had to do one of these.. but wait! It’s not over~

A two headed giraffe!! lol!! That one was just for fun =P

But overall the trip was really fun. I found a new animal I really really like a… fennec fox!!

Cute huh?

Anyhow the trip was really fun~ Went on it because my cousins from MI are visiting for like.. a week. And weather here has been sucking!! It’s cold. And rainy o.o Why can’t it at least snow?! Hmph >.<

The pandas were SOOOO CUTE!! /snuggles xDDD Cute huh? This one was named Gao gao~ lol!

Oh so my little cousins took pictures in those board which you have to stick your head in right? And I was looking at the back of one and my sister says “Go put your head in it!!” And I was about to cause.. it’s fun even if you don’t know what it is! But I didn’t anyways and looked at it and this is what it was…\

And I was about to go in the RIGHT one!!! T.T TT.TT
I HATE HATE HATE looking at this. still gives me the creeps.

Oh! I have LOTS of videos. once I have time i’ll make a short little vid blog of it ^^