Archive | December 3, 2010



Today was… honestly. Dull. Very. Dull.
And I knew it was going to be so… no big surprise there. I came to school in clothes I basically wore back in HS xDD And chillin with minimal makeup on meaning… a thin line of eyeliner? … Yea that’s it.

Gee ditched meh. And Hea was there but we just hung out for a bit and chatted. It was entertaining. I learned a lot more about her, and… yea. I know what kind of person she is. Nothing stereotypical though, so that’s good. If I can classify a person on a stereotypical level, it starts to get… boring? xD

Egg Pudding Milk Tea. Bleh. Never trying it again.

Oh and that’s someone’s random hand. lols~ Anyhow. I got past my poutyness this morning/afternoon. I think I was just … sleepy. And so I napped and played DW and now im wide awake!! Its past midnight btw. .. I’ll turn this post back an hour xD