Archive | December 23, 2010

Keys most used


MY keys look so bad right now because I use my laptop  alot on batteries so it heats it more..? Or whatever. Anyhow.. over time the keys get like this =.= You can.. kinda tell what letters I use the most? xD
Now that I’m playing Maplestory… ohh… the keys are just gonna die xD It’s me jst spamming half the time.
OH!! Update on that: I’m now lvl 40 =3 In 3 days!!! It took me a month or so to reach lvl 35 before o.o and not to mention it wasn’t as fun xD
I’m seriously thinking of getting NX >.> Man… hate you maplestory xD

Other news? I slept a bit before 3am last night and woke up at 9 this morning o.o why? I don’t know!! It was jsut so… bright. And I guess my tummy was hungry? >.< So I woke up and… cleaned my room. Even mopped and cleaned the gross corners (as well as the spider web thats been growing near my sister’s side of the room). lol.. that creeped me out immensely!! =.=;;

Then my mom was in a cranky mood. I don’t think its very nice to keep… yelling at the kids =.= Not like “GO TO YOUR ROOM” status more like… always thinking the worst and tying it to a past experieance. This is why I never clean when my parents are home. Heck.. I don’t like to do anything ‘good’ while they are home. They blow it out of the water and expect me to always be that good. It’s kinda like how people like to have low standards so anything above it will shock them? Kay.. I can’t explain it XDD

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve… I don’t know how it’ll be but I’m hoping its good xD


Only one love

People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…truth is, you knew what you had, you just thought you’d never lose it.

I found that somewhere on facebook…
It just made me remember what happened today xD My dad decided to give me “the talk” but not just anytalk.. the… “what are you going to do with your future” talk. The “Find someone who loves you” talk. and the “It sucks if you have a kid too early” talk. Not to mention inbetween was stories of his past and etc etc as well as “thank your grandma for all she does” talk.

Fun stuff. xD Mostly because he was getting all confused with his words (fobby much?) And went along the lines of
dad: you need to have someone that loves you and not you love him
me: o.o (half listening) /nods
dad: because if you just love him he wont let you see your family then he hits you… (goes on)
me: (now he has my attention) wait.. so if I love him he turns abusive?!
dad: It’s just better if he loves you
And it went on for some time untill it came to the fact that my dad never said anything about… ohh.. I dunno… how BOTH people should love each other? at least that’s usually how its suppose to be..
Naw but I know what he means… don’t get the abusive guy and don’t let them control your life. This is just a mere… advice for people? xD

I just found it funny… xD