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awkward hugs


Ahhh… well today was eventful~

Had a family/friends holiday party! It was basically a party to keep connects with old friends and to strengthen connections with new ones! I was suppose to connect more with some people that ended up going in my brother’s group… so it was interesting. It also just made me see how well even my small group gets along xD It’s great~

I ended up making small little… party favors for my friends to take home (although I forgot to get one for tiff cause she left super early… you can get it from me later though!) And then a friend flaked out on coming so his went to someone else who got me and my family a huge flower bouquet edible thing.

btw, have you ever had someone hug you kinda… too long and it made it awkward? That happens to me… or at least I think its awkward  xDD Well that happens and I dunno… I just think hugging people who arent good friends now are awkward. Plus its always been kinda weird for me to huge people… unless they are hugging people xD And I’m taken.. so hugs with guys also tend to get slightly awkward (especially if they are a few seconds longer..)

So yes! Thats that. Above is a picture of a makeshift snowman made out of jars of a hot cocoa mix of marshmellows/mix/pretzels/kisses! My dopple asuna DIY it and I ended up getting it for the white elephant exchange~ Fun day fun day =3

I can’t believe how much my friends made too!! Dip, cookies, tiramisu, and quiche(sp?) I have quite an amazing group of friends…. <3 and that’s something I do admit I love having…. (never really had it till now lol)



Dear Family,

Thanks for being there for me especially when I feel helpless. It’s great to have someone to always rely on. Although you might not always 100% support what I do.. I know if I show I really want it, I’ll have the support I need.

Dear Gee,

Now your a special case dear xP I suppose I have to thank you the most for the company in all hours of the day as well as saving me from panic so many times. Although my family things I’m the one taking care of you… it’s really the other way around. I know, I’m a handful, but I am really glad your still around even with the crazy xD (So thank you <3)

Dear Cosplay,

Neglected and ignored for almost a year. Although you are the thought that keeps me on track and makes me feel special. I look forward to everything about cosplay… and sewing! It makes me happy and I thank you for existing xD

Dear Friends,

Although I may not always talk consistently to each and every one of you… that doesn’t mean I don’t care. I do feel grateful to be surrounded by so many great people! I haven’t forgotten!

Dear Thanksgiving,

It’s great to have a day to thanks people. I went to church in the morning and was so happy to see all the people bring up food and supplies for others at the end. It’s great to see people help others! With that said… I hate how Black Friday has spilled over to this day. Sales starting at 8pm now? Even 6pm? It’s crazy… I don’t like it. My dinner/lunch felt rushed and we talked a lot about what deals were there and money… time. Stressful stuff! I want to keep Thanksgiving a day to eat, relax, and have a time to reflect on the good things in life. So please Thanksgiving, go back to normal T.T

Certainly not the last thing I’m thankful for… but the last one I’ll write…

Dear you,

I know I only may have a few but… it’s the support you give that makes me continue to work and try to always be a good person… to find a way to help others and follow my passion. I’ll keep continuing to do what I love to do with continued support for you guys =3 It’s a hard time for me but… I’m happy to here :]


Merry. Happy, Jolly, Chirstmas~

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to all~~~

So I said I’d take some pictures and… well here, let me share the massive present pile my house had:


That’s pretty much the side pile of it… it’s just because there are a lot of people in the house.. so everyone had a decent amount of presents… except for me of course since grandma wrote the names wrong on some of them so my sister and my cousin got some of my gifts >.> And I feel bad about going up to them and saying “yea… those are mine… >.>” But at the same time I barely got.. anything. Let’s see.. I got:

A nerf gun. courtesy of my brother.
A new keyboard which works the same way as my old one lol!
A pin holder for sewing
A jewelry display holder thing
annnd…. I think that’s it. I think.
OH wait! eeyore too. But that’s from white elephant game =3

Other than that I was suppose to get a pair of jeans and headphones. In which my sister who got the jeans got another 4 pairs and my cousin who got the headphone got 2…. so at the same time I shouldn’t feel bad >.>?

Anyways… here’s a picture from what I Basically looked like for Chirstmas~


Really..santa-like~ But it was fun =3 Since I don’t think I could wear this outfit at any other time without it being too overly “christmassy” xD

Hope everyone had a happy day~ If not… well the New Year is coming up! At least it’s something to look forward too~ We did survive the end of the world~

Now … just that awkward time between Christmas and New Years…. What do I do >.>


A pre-Christmas


So our Christmas eve is basically Christmas morning for alot of people xD After church we always open our presents because honestly by that time it’s officially “Christmas” anyways! Well the “loot” post will come around tomorrow.. maybe. hopefully~ And more pictures of today tomorrow because I’m tired and it’s about 2am right now xD (trying to stalk santa, not working xD)

Anyways grandma wrote most of the tags this year…. because she’s the master at wrapping gifts xD My brother had it so she even wrapped her own xD It was hilarious. I think that’s what made opening presents so fun, grandma~ She wrote my name as Chang again -.- every year!!! Well.. okay not EVERY, there was once a time where she got it right…. way back when. lol~ (and no, I won’t tell you what my asian name really is, but it’s close enough to Chang honestly…. and I’m not saying Chang isn’t cool.. he’s in Mulan!!) So I thought I’d share though… xDDD

Man…. Chirstmas…. <3


Fireworks setting~


I’m always so… embarrassed… when I put my drawings up… but I run out of things to put sooo… here they are! It’s just a night of doodling and I decided to do some casual design and then I drew pokemon for fun ^^ Ever since AX finished I started up my ‘homework’ again so I have a few doodles~ Though now I’m using some pre-set poses so I can get a feel of doing something different~

Oh right.. Happy 4th of July too~ This year I finally watched the fireworks in a really nice spot. At the beach!! My dad sat in the planter part cause it was… actually a nice spot. So other people started to do so too. So there was a small concrete part that we could put our backs on and the other side was a few feet worth of a drop down o.o But it looks like that may be our spot from now on…. or until we find one that’s even better~


here’s a lovely picture of some of the fireworks~ Didn’t have a lot because I was enjoying the show~  I didn’t know my camera had a fireworks show setting.. it’s cool xD The before pictures are really bad lol!!

Alright… tim eto go watch mroe digimon… lol!!