Archive | December 2, 2010

Curls gone wild


My hair turned out uber curly when I tried the overnight curl technique again. I was playing with different hairstyles for the Project Color.
Oh which… Project Color is dead. xD By a third party involvement >.> TT.TT Oh well.. more chances later.

This morning turned out interesting though. Woke up kinda early cause people in my house talk loud o.o Then found out that… well let’s just say I got bad luck. How? Well.. when something bad happens to me, something bad happens to Gee. So obviously it goes vice versa right? xDD Though nothing really bad happened to me today… o.O Other than what happened to him affected me T.T


That’s the back view xDD just for fun? Nevermind the clothes. THey are my home clothes xD lols~

Oh!! AND I WENT TO SCHOOL AND WENT ON A ICE SLIDE! Maybe ‘I’ll throw up a vid of it tomorrow~