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Some of my old designs I can show on here because.. well.. they are old xD I’ve been designing a lot lately and I don’t know if im particularly good at it… I want to go more out of the box but man.. that makes it so much harder to make xD But I’ve been loving it.
This week is finals week. About 4 days of pure agony of my nose stuck in my book.
Did I mention I may actually apply to be a business honor student? You get priority registration as well as certain classes only for honor students. It seems to me like almost a death sentence.. just because if my gpa slips any lower you get kicked off the boat of the honor students xD Wait.. not JUST honor students… a BUSINESS honor student. It’s harsh. But you know what? They get thier own place to study, lockers, and not to mention a free pass to print whatever they need. Sounds nice huh? It really is. Plus the opportunities and all.. but it also means I need to write an essay, get letters of recs, and pass an interview. Harsh right? I’m not sure if I want to go through with it. I have a bit to think it over…. or how about I just join a whole bunch of business clubs? …. yea. That may work. Maybe. >.> I should try to apply anyways….

…Time to study. STUDY!


Kahlua got to me o.o

I had the most magnificent pie today. Kahlua Pie. From Marie Calender’s~
Though I don’t believe its better than the cheesecake at Cheesecake factory.. its still pretty good. I’m also a bit hyper after eating it. That’s right. HYPER. not tipsy!!! >.>;;

I did go on a singing rampage. I don’t care if skype is on xD I’ve been kidna loose with that, I know my singing is bad. I’m not trying to pursue that road anymore xD So now it’s just pure fun~~~~~~

Why is it that a guy hugs/snuggles his dog way more than a girl? xD