Archive | December 19, 2010

To to Rolll~~



I watched Tron with friends today~ Not to mention the first part of HP1 (wow someone was a real dork with that xP) and AND AND AND
TOTORO!! My neighbor Totoro~
I stayed over there tilll like… 11:30pm to finish watching it >.>
Not by choice? xD

I also had some.. Guppys? That was different..  I REALLY wanna try to toast there!! T.T Maybe later when I have more money >.>

I missed the season finalle for LEVERAGE! TT.TT *tears. I’ll watch it online later~

Rain is crazy.. saw 4 accidents on the way home… >.< PEOPLE!! BE CAREFUL WHILE DRIVING IN THE RAIN!!! please =.= No matter how much of a rush you are in… don’t risk it.. seriously.

And I figured out why its raining so much here… Me + Gee together = monsoon xD Sooo… need some space away >.> Like… 2 hours away. Lol!!
You know whats awesome? the explosion is just getting bigger =3
More shopping tomorrow!!!!