Archive | December 11, 2010




Omgsh it’s been so hard to do cosplay work =.= For the past few days I guess I’ve been.. sick? but I haven’t really known it xD
A lot of… Louies. And I’m so sorry to the people that have to hear it all xDD
Not like I like hacking up gross things in front of people, but if I could make it cuter, I would.
That reminds me of those kinda of people who sneeze like a mouse. So cutsy and makes you go “aww you sneezed?” Rather than what I usually get which is “that was some sneeze” o.o
Now its just… /talk talk talk And you can hear the flem in my throat wanting to come out xD

But hey, it’s getting better~ It’s just a lot of … Louies in me. That’s all~ Not really a cold or anything o.o so that’s good? xD
But I guess it also means I should be a little less touchy to people >.>