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Wig time!


Finally got around to fixing up the horridly shiny wig I bought! Weee! I actually got it for the steampunk lolita outfit but ended up thinking I’ll look like a tree with all the brownery… so I bought a silver wig which is what you see int he pictures~ But then I have this brown wig sitting around and I thought.. why not straighten it and try out the fabric softener and baby powder! I’m actually quite happy with the results. It just looks softer and smells less like plastic but more florally from the chemicals now xD

Fun stuff though~ Can’t wait to see how my other wigs with the same horrid shine looks after all this too!

Been sketching and sewing~ Finally started on Ahri for AX! Really exciting stuff. sorta. kinda. well. yea. we’ll go with that XD

Still struggling with deciding on getting a part time job. mainly for the stable income but taking time away from the creating and designing is also a trade off :/ so who knows. maybe i’ll apply anyways and see if I get it? hur. I can see gee’s face already shaking his head and telling me to just make up my mind QQ I need to make a pros and cons chart >>


the realness

 photo 20140420_175128_zps2a43bd0a.jpg

The blonde :D

I think it’s great that people think this is my real hair ^^ The wig is only… meh but I had to spend a lot of time on those bangs to make them look remotely realistic T.T I haven’t posted this picture.. it’s more in the shade so you can see how the wig is actually a little more brown than some of the other pictures I posted. All the pictures I’ve posted I haven’t done anything to in photoshop or what not other than just making it smaller xD

btw… straight bangs I really do not like having. It’s annoying when wig hair pokes your eyes out and it’s a very hard piece of hair =.=

I actually have alot to update but just haven’t made the time to do so… hopefully I get some quality office time tomorrow to do it all :D Until then… tata~


Who’s that..?

 photo DSCN2697_zps4cd223b1.jpg

Guess who~~??


Finally tried on my asuna wig for the first time! Even though it came styled.. I might just take it apart a bit and re-style it because I’m not happy that it’s not exactly right >.> But I’m happy about the length (it’s the same length my pre-haircut was at) Oh! I did take pictures of how short my hair is now but I’m debating on putting it up… I took the pictures with no makeup or anything which isn’t so bad but.. what people use other people’s pictures for now a days I’m scared of… so I’ll see. I might blur my face out a bit. Maybe? xD

Other than that… somewhat productive day I think. I started baking at like midnight so I have it ready for the morning >.< Yes. Baking!! All by myself, no sister for once o.o Not like she did a lot of work anyways…lol~

Mmm…. I think that’s t. Made more bows. Ate more junk food. Feels like a saturday o.o It’s a friday. That’s weird.


Stylist too~


Finished styling the blonde wing I have and I did a test makeup run. Apparently I need.. MORE?! I’m not used to putting on a lot >.> So what I think is a lot is apparently not much in the world of makeup xDD

I hope I’ll look good as a blonde… aha… >.>;;

95% done with Arch Bishop Ragnarok.
60% Done with Male Wizard commission
10% done with a secret cosplay!

And I just spent the last hour trying to skewer my staff.. aha… I hate cleaning up work =.=  It’s also not very easy to skewer through carboard.. foam. and even more foam!! T.T Hinngg.

ARNGJERGVN I’m so excited for AX =3 I really wish I was performing but… it’ll have to wait. I guess its finne >.> But that is not dicouraging me from taking as many pictures with other cosplayers as possible as well as going on a shopping spreeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~

Oh did you see my cosplay blog lately? I got a new layout/background!! It’s awesome~ I’ve been addicted to looking at it.. probably because it turned out better than I would have thought. =3 So go check it out, link is in the side baar~~ —>

Oh and Hunny’s pee striked again… ugh =.=






Once again, blond


Is this creepy…? xD I’m just showcasing the wig I got!! Which… seems similar to the Alice one I wore long ago. Difference? Mich better quality fibers and slightly browner. And these smexy bangs which I will NOT mess up on this time. But more pictures later… this was when I got home from school and it was pretty late at night which is also why my face is not shown (you’d probably would have seen some kind of bags under my eyes) Lol!

I ran so many errands today. Caught up on a lot of things. Wrote a new post on my cosblog, it’s been dead for a bit >.> Rawr =3= I got some Vanilla Bean frap at starbucks, not that yummy. Tasted like melted vanilla ice cream… but some people like it. It’s.. okay. drinkable. But I prefer green tea over it any day <3 But then again I absolutely LOVE green tea (drinking green tea right now!) And the good kind too. Like… not even sweetened. IT’s good but I don’t like lipton’s cause it makes my mouth.. dry afterwards. Weird huh?

Okay I’m going a bit crazy cause of all the studying and homework I’ve been doing. Ugh. So… Ugh. xD This next week is gonna be bad. BUT! I did manage to squeeze in some painting cause I took an hour break to watch my tv show =3 hehe.

Oh and I’m mad at someone for being so harsh on my resume… Its like… being harsh to me… INDIRECTLY! >.> One.. youre being mean. and two, that was mean to me >.> Anyways.. time to finish stuff up =.=