Archive | April 28, 2014

Over 1000%!!


It’s a huge boost to my productivity when I see that I’m starting to reach people. I’m not looking for a huge amount of likes or anything… I just want to be able to inspire other cosplayers and help people out! Even give out some free stuff… spread my products around :D Cause lets face it… my day job is boring and if I could just be able to make cosplaying and my store my top priority then  would be so happy =3 And yea the amount of reaches doesn’t seem like a lot but for me who is just starting out with the whole facebook thing.. It makes me smile~

I retweeted something the other day… maybe it was yesterday but it was:
I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

And really you don’t understand how much that applies to me… I’ve been trying so hard to please my family that… it’s gotten to the point where I get stress acne from it. Why do I want to keep doing something that just gives me white hair and bad skin =.= And even in shows you see a character just drop everything and go for it! I dont know if I can just drop everything… although Gee tells me I should. … Maybe I’m crazy but… why not be. If I have a chance I should just go for it!

Why am I even debating about this honestly ==.

I started watching anime again too~ This should be fun =3

Oh and… thanks to everyone who does go to my facebook page! It makes me happy to know I may have an impact on someone.. even if its just 1.