the realness

 photo 20140420_175128_zps2a43bd0a.jpg

The blonde :D

I think it’s great that people think this is my real hair ^^ The wig is only… meh but I had to spend a lot of time on those bangs to make them look remotely realistic T.T I haven’t posted this picture.. it’s more in the shade so you can see how the wig is actually a little more brown than some of the other pictures I posted. All the pictures I’ve posted I haven’t done anything to in photoshop or what not other than just making it smaller xD

btw… straight bangs I really do not like having. It’s annoying when wig hair pokes your eyes out and it’s a very hard piece of hair =.=

I actually have alot to update but just haven’t made the time to do so… hopefully I get some quality office time tomorrow to do it all :D Until then… tata~


2 thoughts on “the realness

  1. okay how many pictures of you with the wig do you have?^^ 3 on face book 2 here if i remember your old picture habbit back in the days i would say around 20-40?^^

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