golden wings


I worked with some of my new gold fabric I got from downtown.. it was fun! I like the feel of it alot and its a nice thick texture without it being heavy! Plus the gold isn’t super shiny…

The design is actually on my pencil case xD I want to see how well the glue holds up as well as if the gold ends up fraying like my friend said might happen. So .. what better way to figure it out than on something that I use and abuse xP

Today was such a chill day… I just played alot of league because of the 2x IP which makes me so happy after winning games =3 I also won a ranked game for my brother cause they banned his supp and top got taken… he just happens to have one of my favorite mid right now =3 SYNDRAAA~~ dem balls. <- exactly what I named his new mastery page lool

actually got some cosplay work done today too to the point where I can write about it! That’s my goal for each day… be able to post up something productive online and that way I can stay on track more… at least in my mind >.>;;

Ok. It’s late… and I have to sleep to wake up early T.T


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