Archive | April 16, 2014

First day off~

Oh I’ve been seriously slacking with sketching and it makes me sad :/ So I need to start that again… it’s hard to have the motivation to sketch now that Gee has stopped doing them because he’s focusing on his work T.T

And today I spent ALL DAY cleaning my room o.o my closet is now cleaned out completely!! Like… mopped floors and clean walls~ It took a long time and I feel all smelly but… eh. Worth it. Don’t you like how I take my first day off from tax season stuck at home cleaning!? It’s long overdue which is quite surprising. I’m really satisfied with my day though =3

I am SO excited to start on all my projects! I’m thinking of sticking to a schedule cause lately just free doing whatever has just lead to… minecraft =.= So it’s been.. pretty bad I have to say. Gonna really try to discipline myself in the next few weeks… months if I’m really dedicated xD I’m starting to get really stressed out again about the next year though… I really need to apply myself to obtain this goal!!

I’m also thinking about keeping updates on my skin.. because of tax season my skin has gotten SO much worse so I’m on the road to recovering it back to normal! I’m gonna try to keep track of what I do and see what works for me and maybe It’ll help some other people out! maybe? I dunno, doesn’t hurt I suppose xD