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Library time :D


So Mondays and Tuesday involve me just chauffeuring my brother to school and hanging around just running errands and sitting in a library! But once I saw that the library was practically empty…. that led me to some time for selfies! I was hot that day and humid so I actually put my hair into low pigtails~ I don’t do it often cause I look even more kiddish but it worked that day xD It’s like a twisty thing too!

Anyways…. I’ve been slacking on cosplay because I’ve been trying to do so many other things o.o I’m suppose to have a photo shoot tomorrow but its starting to seem like a bad idea since where we are planning to have it… its suppose to be around 90 some degrees and that.. pretty darn hot for a wig, long sleeves, thigh high socks, and thick fabric T.T So I might just not do that and have a casual photoshoot where I can wear a skirt or a dress and call it a day xDD

until then~


Library! Shhh !


It’s been a horrible habit… with minecraft comes responsibilities. Sadly I see those in game more important than actual life soooo I went to sleep at 4am again T.T DANG MINECRAFT! I just wanted to finish my house in the sakura groove! It’s getting there =3 I’m excited~ The hard part is that the house is mainly glass so I still need to farm so much *-* Other than that….

I woke up late today… again. But I stopped getting beef about it unless I miss a walk-in appointment at the office… which is pretty bad on my part. I did get paid though for working the past few months.. not as much as I’d want or expect but it’s something and it’ll fund my cosplay! Which I want to turn your attention to a great cosplayer who just last year was crying at a real office job, quit it, and now makes enough to support her and her boo thang xD I’m envious of them… and I know I have the skill to be just as great! I just need the time and money o.o So I’m REALLY glad It’s april already~

I’m also stuck at the library while I wait for heather to come pick me up, she’s taking me to a laker game! Maybe I’ll write about it later~ But for now… I’ll awe at the law books that surround me xDD


Breaking Dawn


Yes, this is the 4th book of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer~

I just love how she writes it all…. so very descriptive….

Though this book is so huge!!

So I went home to read it for like.. what… 2 hours? Maybe three… I really wasn’t keeping track >.<;; But I know I got to chapter 8? XD;;

My sis was nice enough to rent it out for me~ Since at my library Its always checked out >.<;; My friend Tarei was going to let me borrow, but I guess this saves her the trouble~ ^-^;;

So… I’m going to be occupied with this now~ Horrific I know… because I get too easily sucked into books and thats bad…

But this is so worth it!!




Today was a regular day of school for me. Went to my classes, hung out at the library, people bothered me. Nothing I’m not already used to~

Though couple friends did catch up with my after school there, Tarei (a close friend), found Eclipse for me at the library! Cause I never really go looking for a partticular book… I just pick up a book if I think it’s interesting. And since I have read the first two books of this series, why not finish it right?

I really love this series because it is so captivating. Also mix fantasy with romance… you have me there!

So I’ll be slowly reading this book…I have 3 weeks. I could finish it in like 2 days, but I have homework… SAT studying… RE Test to study for… cosplay… practicing music… and DDR!!

Whaa such a huge schedule >.<
And of course Bloging is a given~