Archive | April 15, 2014

Bawk bawkin~


Honestly I love these little smelly chickens xD not like.. hugging love but.. they’re quite entertaining to look at. See the big white one? Yea that’s the bully and the queen xD there are two brown ones that we call pidgeys who kind of look like a ferrow at this point xD

Yea.. chickens.. don’t ask xD

Tax season done!?! Sure I’m not as well off as I’d like to be but honestly that would just make me lazy…I see life is just gonna give me barely enough to scrap by again =3=
What will I do? Well I won’t be lazy … but tomorrow is a cleaning day because that has been neglected quite awfully… kind of itching to clean too! Ever had that feeling? Where your room is just so dirty even you can’t stand it xD I’m at that point… worst part is is that I have 2 other girls in the room -.- you’d assume that would be good.. nope!