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I got this adorable trinket from Gee =3 We bought each other gifts~ So he has a really smexy looking art book :D But THIS… this is a vision ward from League of Legends!!! Nerdy huh xP I love it though~ It’s currently on my pencil case so it just follows me everywhere… I hope it doesn’t break or anything though :/

Today was quite interesting though if you follow my twitter. I went to a new bakery… met some new people that was my brother’s friend and his friend’s friend. I got to talk about real estate like I knew what I was talking about and tax like I didn’t (loud places make for difficult communication) And then I proceeded to spend about $20 on just bakery stuff…..


Yep. My food goes to money & Cosplay. horrible combination cause it just makes me go… foof.


I got a little bit of experimenting done =3 I let my brother play league while I cut some fabric and got some glue out! I really love the gold fabric I got for my next cosplay. I’m trying to get it done within a month to start on Gee’s cosplay… then finish his in 2 weeks and then start on my 2nd AX cosplay! And maybe I’ll be able to fit a 3rd in there if I’m lucky =3

So… busy busy~ I’ve been trying to update my lovely fb more and more. And twitter… but twitter on my phone has been slow so it’s very…. …. frustrating =.= Yea. Pet peeve: slow technology xD Can you imagine future generation’s expectation of technology then?! THey’re gonna not be happy with what we call 4g now xD