Archive | April 9, 2014

I now like basketball!?


Went to my first basketball game today! And it just happens to be the Los Angeles Lakers game =3 Against the Houston Rockets..? I think…. I’m tired >.< I forget stuff xD All thanks to Heather who had tickets =3 Good seats too!  So I’ll be honest… I don’t know much about basketball… or sports in general. I mean I know the goal of the game but not the point system or the foul rules. So that was really interesting.

We took pictures but I’ll just post up the one of me… those are the pale gold pants my mother got me >.> I guess it does come in handy. It makes me look more… asiany? I dunno. xD And I realize I own no purple so I substituted with blue!

I also didn’t know Jeremy Lin was on the opposing team so I had fun just watching him play =3 But I was really rooting for the Lakers to win even though the odds are against them >.< But oh well! They tried! They also got the last basket in so that’s.. something~

It was quite the interesting game though. I like how they try to always keep the audience entertained with either something going on on the screen or on the court. The kiss cam was hilarious though xD That and the dancing cam xD Fun stuffs man.

I’m glad Gee encouraged me to go >.> He was actually suppose to go but some stuff got in the way so I was runner up! which I take no offense to since really.. sports aren’t my thing and it took me awhile to actually decide to go (quite the last minute) Really glad I did though =3