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the realness

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The blonde :D

I think it’s great that people think this is my real hair ^^ The wig is only… meh but I had to spend a lot of time on those bangs to make them look remotely realistic T.T I haven’t posted this picture.. it’s more in the shade so you can see how the wig is actually a little more brown than some of the other pictures I posted. All the pictures I’ve posted I haven’t done anything to in photoshop or what not other than just making it smaller xD

btw… straight bangs I really do not like having. It’s annoying when wig hair pokes your eyes out and it’s a very hard piece of hair =.=

I actually have alot to update but just haven’t made the time to do so… hopefully I get some quality office time tomorrow to do it all :D Until then… tata~


Once again, blond


Is this creepy…? xD I’m just showcasing the wig I got!! Which… seems similar to the Alice one I wore long ago. Difference? Mich better quality fibers and slightly browner. And these smexy bangs which I will NOT mess up on this time. But more pictures later… this was when I got home from school and it was pretty late at night which is also why my face is not shown (you’d probably would have seen some kind of bags under my eyes) Lol!

I ran so many errands today. Caught up on a lot of things. Wrote a new post on my cosblog, it’s been dead for a bit >.> Rawr =3= I got some Vanilla Bean frap at starbucks, not that yummy. Tasted like melted vanilla ice cream… but some people like it. It’s.. okay. drinkable. But I prefer green tea over it any day <3 But then again I absolutely LOVE green tea (drinking green tea right now!) And the good kind too. Like… not even sweetened. IT’s good but I don’t like lipton’s cause it makes my mouth.. dry afterwards. Weird huh?

Okay I’m going a bit crazy cause of all the studying and homework I’ve been doing. Ugh. So… Ugh. xD This next week is gonna be bad. BUT! I did manage to squeeze in some painting cause I took an hour break to watch my tv show =3 hehe.

Oh and I’m mad at someone for being so harsh on my resume… Its like… being harsh to me… INDIRECTLY! >.> One.. youre being mean. and two, that was mean to me >.> Anyways.. time to finish stuff up =.=