Library time :D


So Mondays and Tuesday involve me just chauffeuring my brother to school and hanging around just running errands and sitting in a library! But once I saw that the library was practically empty…. that led me to some time for selfies! I was hot that day and humid so I actually put my hair into low pigtails~ I don’t do it often cause I look even more kiddish but it worked that day xD It’s like a twisty thing too!

Anyways…. I’ve been slacking on cosplay because I’ve been trying to do so many other things o.o I’m suppose to have a photo shoot tomorrow but its starting to seem like a bad idea since where we are planning to have it… its suppose to be around 90 some degrees and that.. pretty darn hot for a wig, long sleeves, thigh high socks, and thick fabric T.T So I might just not do that and have a casual photoshoot where I can wear a skirt or a dress and call it a day xDD

until then~


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