Archive | April 11, 2014

Gained a level~


Aha xD Happy birthday to me~? It’s really just an excuse to eat out at nice places and dress up a little! So I wore my chiffon block dress which ended up getting a little ruined from my belt puckering the threading and I may have dropping some food on myself at one point >.>

Anyways! I started off the day with… just catching up with my brother and cousin then off to work by showing a house >.> Which was kinda stressful cause my brother got the address to me wrong =.= And then I was late to meeting with Gee because of that t.T But! We had a nice lunch together, just the two of us~ Which I requested since we don’t have a nice lunch/dinner out together since we’re so far apart xD Afterwards we picked up Heather and went to do some light shopping! And then dinner =3

The picture is just all the wonderful gifts I got.. missing a few though. Gee is a crazy dude that got me like 4 different gifts in one o.o A board, color pencils, ruler, ELEPHANTS :D food… lots of food and boba *-* I’ve been spoiled T.T And then more food from my friends, joanns gift cards and sunglasses! It’s wonderful… I hate that they gave me gifts but its been nice since my family has hit the stage where we don’t give gifts anymore…

<3 Celebrating being a year older~ It’s not too bad if you celebrate it =3

Ps. Allt he birthday wishes are awesome, thanks to everyone =3