Archive | April 13, 2014

I can make my own food

 photo 20140413_150807_zpsb26030c4.jpg

Helped cook my own birthday lunch at home today… which isnt so bad cause in these instances I just use it to find a new recipe and run with it lol But this is like the table before and.. the table (sorta) after:
 photo 20140413_154902_zpsd17490e2.jpg

So this time I grilled the asparagus and then also made the pasta salad! And it was great cause we just had a bowl of fruit on the table.. and it was GONE o.o nom noms =3

It was great cause it felt like the old days where we didn’t want to invite friends over so it would just be our “cousins” which was great anyways. But now it would have been perfect is one didn’t… bring his gf >.> =.= So they left early cause of her and I wasn’t very happy about that. Not that they left early but because some of them also left without really say goodbye just because she was bored =.= Hey. you came girlie… =3=

Anyways… I’ve hit the stage where I don’t really get any gifts from family other than the occasional money.. which my mother is telling me to spend on clothes. And she won’t be far off on that since I will be spending it on fabric! Just.. maybe raw fabric not made into a piece of clothing yet >.> ..

… and food.

Other than that.. good day~ Also got snacks from the store! How can you not love that~~

TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL IM FREE. I think I’ll do some online shopping tomorrow =3