Packed and REDy? har.


I freaked out this morning at the post office because they didn’t have the package box I wanted =.= I literally went back and forth to the space where it was suppose to be hoping that I magically missed seeing one. I did that a few times. Its the exact same concept I do in the mornings when I look for food in the fridge. Somehow I think something would change in the minute that I left it. It was sad.

I did finish the commission though ^^ I’m actually going to re-do a part tomorrow though since I have a tad bit of time more before I can ship it. I rushed a part of it and looking at the pictures I took… I’m not happy. So time for a re-do~~~ With completely new fabric too!!! xD

I also bought Asuna fabric today so I have a good 4 yards of white waiting for me~ I mapped out my skirt which I’ll be making with a -gasp- zipper closure this time ^^ Down side? If I ever ever want to sell it or let someone else wear it they are somehow gonna have to squeeze in it (or fill it out if they are that skinny..?) I also cleaned. It’s lovely now =3 I’m looking for some storage containers now because I really hate crate. Like… I really… hate them. =.=

Is it odd I’ve been really liking Taylor Swift and… Nickelback. Don’t ask -.- My mood’s been weird.


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