Archive | October 13, 2012

Currently in pokemon

PhotobucketCurrent mood: Sick.

Somehow… on thursday night I caught something and suffered minor effects on Friday… Today it hit me T.T The whole getting dizzy when standing up and a runny nose T.T Luckily no flem and my sore throat is at a minimum since apparently cough drops from Switzerland does wonders,

I did get some homework stuff done today and watched alot of tv shows because… let’s face it. I feel like crap and the last thing I want to do is to try to write a paper or work with people =.=

Oh! I’ve also been playing pokemon~ Not very far in the game yet though T.T


Sorry for the blurry picutre >.< I only have 4 kiddos on my team right now. They’re named after my girls =3 my SNSD girls! So my main is (jes)Sica~ Growlithe is Soo(young), my azurill is maknae which… I forget how to spell her actual name. And the birdie is tae(yon). =3 I still have yet to find sunny and yuri~

I’m addicted. It’s funny. GEe gives me these games knowing full well I’ll get addicted. xD