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Yea…. Blank. xD

The feeling of Blank! lol~

Anyways the past few days have been sorta not really eventful? In a way! I am almost done with Stage 1 of my new business venture. It’s gonna be a long path but.. hey that’s what makes it good right? Then I also have relationship things sorted out… it sucks when there are things my mind wanders on…. T.T I have an interview tomorrow which I’m partially bleh about but that’s probably because things have been going well for me at home so once again I go back and forth on actually getting a regular job. Which some people might be mad to hear me say that after all the crap I’ve been through but…. honestly I feel like my hours are worth more than $9 … minus the taxes and dues and gas so prob only $5. And that doesn’t sing well with me.

So it’s been just trying to work and create a business in the morning/afternoon. Then when I get home I sit at my desk and see if I want to work on any projects. Then games with friends so I’m not so anti social xD

On another note… and one that probably just kept in my mind all day…

Monty Oum passed away today… and that made me so incredibly sad that I just… I actually just sat and stared at the comp screen thinking how it was so unreal… he was so young… and so talented. His work inspired me as a cosplayer. How? He was the kind of person who gave his characters lots of pockets and hiding places so the cosplayers that made them would have a functional outfit and practical one! And I just thought… he has to be awesome if he thought to care for the cosplayers as well o.o

So yea. I’m thinking of doing something creative in memory of him.. not sure what though. I’m really happy to see the community come together like this though, It’s super touching to see how his fund is exceeding their base amount for the family of him. As well as all the art and cosplay things going on in his memory. I absolutely love it and just seeing how this one amazing person made such an impact…. I want to strive for that too. But first, let me rewatch dead fantasyand rwby.

You’ll be missed… but your inspiration and art will always live on :D


Convention weekend?!


Ah the LACK OF UPDATES T.T I’ve been trying to update facebook more and some…twitter? I dunno.. I’m a horrible updater. I need my own PR LOL. So yesterday was WonderCon but today was a half day of Conji… which probably wasn’t worth the badge buying =.= ONLY bought the badge to get into artist alley and for my group to spend over $100 bucks on it is insane. =.= We felt like it was… sorta a waste of money that’s for sure. And gas… and time. SO… exclusively wondercon next year… I’ll learn the art of comics for it. Maybe. I might try. >.>;; I’ll put it on the list of enormous things to do!

Anyways we went to a boba place which was also unsatisfying which had the hilarious bathroom sigh in the corner! Get it? It’s how the genders pee… >.> LOL And then the green grass area is just the outside area from the hotel. It was a really small con o.o Got some ideas from it so I’m glad of that. Not happy I had to go so far for it and hassle my way out for other obligations T.T Sorry for my friends that they got dragged along… This weekend I felt like a burden more than anything =.= It’s like I drag people along and it sucks to see it not turn out remotely fun…. and you dont even go for the reason you went for in the first place! I guess I’m just ranting but it’s a suckish feeling.

It’s sorta sad that today didn’t turn out the way I wanted to but… if you combine the two days together and smush it together it was a good experience!

More updates tomorrow and I seriously need some shut eye time o.o


Conform dangit

 photo DSCN3091_zps74ccf48f.jpg

AHHH Making these trimmings for Asuna’s top drove me crazy today!! I spent a good few hours just tracing, cutting, tracing –> repeat for each side =.= Then I had the problem of actually fixing it on and the more difficult curvy parts didn’t want to conform T.T

But Asuna is really taking shape to the point where my sister says “ohh I see it now” instead of “that looks like a potato sack” =.=
^I never get the end of that from Gee though xDD

Other cosplayers are also getting their outfits to take shape! I’m happy! It’s so exciting to see the progress everyone makes in such a short time~ If I don’t have a lot of work to do tomorrow I’ll be set =3 But that seems unlikely since my firm just got another listing which I’ve been trying to fix and what not -.- So the time I have tomorrow isn’t looking so great for me xD

I’m looking at my line-up and I only have 2 cosplays and… normally I would feel kind of sad but… they are two solid cosplays which have a fair amount of details and pieces to it. So even though I just have 2… I like it! Me and Gee agreed that 2 is a good amount for AX especially with all the events going on. I’ve noticed having 3 makes me kinda… dissatisfied. I always feel as though one gets neglected and I think “all that work and its barely seen!!” So… 2! But 2 not-so-simple ones~<3

Oh! And in the meantime I’m catching up on anime for AX =3 Soo… I’m in the process of watching Date a Live! It’s hilarious and I love it =3 I especially love the “princess” in there and tempted to cosplay her xD But I won’t… likely won’t. Maybe the kiddish girl… her coat seems fun to make =3 Okay okay. I’ll stop. I have a long list of possible cosplays already! (And my OTHER work?! I’m driving myself crazy)


Ala day 1



Oh… the interesting things you find at anime cons…. So today was the first day of ANime LA 2013~ First time winning the lotto to have our atrist alley table there~ And it looks ALOT nicer for it being smaller … but we’re sharing with some cool people~

Above is “tentacle grape” which we (me and creeper bunny of a stephanie) found while roaming around xD

Anyways… not so successful day at the aa.. tomorrow will be better!


Kirina? Lol! Asuito

Kirito & Asuna

Kirito & Asuna

This is currently my phone’s background for like.. the past week or so actually. It’s been awesome to look at everyday ^^

Still haven’t watched SAO from all these posts that I’ve done? Shame on you xP It’s really a great anime. I tried working on Asuna today and it… just didn’t go well. I’ll probably try again tomorrow but inside the house where I know there is a large space of flooring for me to work on. Well.. I guess there is space out here… it’s just…. bunny >.>

So I got half of my econ paper done. Mother interrupted so I wen tot Michaels with her. Bought a bit for my new phone charms =3 Now I’m just trying to find one more source for my group paper. I hate group papers… do you know that? >.> I mean it’s not that bad since I write less… but it’s the pressure of making sure it’s cohesive with everyone else’s stuff that’s hard.

Anyways….. one more source. Then I’ll sketch and sleep =3