Archive | October 5, 2012

Finally, the photoshoot


Today the main activity was my Ragnarok photoshoot =3 It… was pretty good. I got alot of pictures but most of them are me not looking at the camera xD Some cool looking shots came out from the batch so I’m happy =3 FINALLY got pictures of Ragnarok!! Do you know its over a YEAR old?! A contest has to get me to submit a picture thus requiring a makeshift shoot. Though the helpers we wanted were busy so it was hard being a two teamed person for this. >.<

We started off being stared at by wedding people getting ready >.< Then joggers and kids… it was funny xD I ended up not wearing the wig because it just looked funny… then it looked like I had a unibrow so I just took it off =.= I know, lame.

I had to walk everywhere in flats then change into the massive heels afterwards. There was no way I could hike up and down that place in heels. Craz. Hills. Stairs! T.T

OH we then learned during the trip that after we took the wires out of my skirt… it looked cooler >.> All that work… all that hassle… T.T I didn’t even need the wires?!? hing. So I decided to not quite retire my Arch Bishop and instead it’s my new backup for conventions where if I wants to just walk around and not try (since I can use my real hair) then I have this outfit~ It’s pretty free flowing enough to walk around~ I just have to… shorten the yellow dangle things so it stops getting so dang dirty -.-

That’s all for now. Me and GEe are working on editing some of the pictures and then I’ll get them up on my cosplay blog =3 See..? You get first picture sneak peek~

Cosplayer: me of course. Photographer: Hermsi~