Archive | October 16, 2012

How fate works

After the past day or so of… “feels” (as tumblr would call them) I’m happy to say I’m over it. Completely over it and moved on. So when a guy before one of my classes comes in to talk about a paid internship right around the area… heck I was so excited! Of course Gee then goes on to tell me how sketchy I’m making them sound >.> (I gave him the wrong name and we couldn’t find their website… you’d think it was sketchy too). I’m not going to put all my apples into one basket though. From my experience?

Play it cool. Do some research. Read =3

So… Here’s a super cute picture I found off tumblr to celebrate a small win~

Vuplix and Joltik =3 I actually do have photos I need to upload but.. they’re sitting in the camera and it’s all the way across the room… I know. Just a tad bit lazy xD