Archive | October 17, 2012

Harpys! xD


Yea I tend to play too many games don’t I? Well there was a glitch and I took a snapshot with two white harpies xD Cool no? Maybe not to the gaming nerds out there >.> I think it’s cool. Comon. At LEAST look at the game designs for them! All feathers? HEad of wings? no? Okay… =.=

I’m now refusing to take anymore cold medicine xD It messes with me I think… makes me giggly and kind of loopy in general o.o Sooo…. I feel a lot better (just a slight cough) and by FRiday hopefully I’ll be all back to normal! It really sucks since Gee has been acting like I have a retraining order on me xDDD

WHICH! Since I’m on the topic of it already….. This will be a fun thing to discuss.
apparently… Gee got hit on recently by a guy~! It was funny because I came… made him scoot his butt over to make room for me -.- (yea I was like standing for awhile, he’s SO considerate xP) I then just watched him play pokemon for a bit… a few minutes maybe. Some comments with Hea and we were just all dandy~ There was a very.. cozy group across from us but we never pay attention to other people anymore lol! I then went to get up to go to the bathroom which I took my lovely time since… well even if I rushed I’d still have to wait until they both were done with their battles and what not >.> We wern’t in a rush anyways! I come back and I see a guy sitting right in the spot I was sitting at and looking over Gee’s shoulders… now my first reaction was o.o just because I was surprised my spot got taken. Then it was O.O once I realized we didn’t know him. He looked very cozy next to Gee as… let’s face it.. when he scooted over for me… it wasn’t by much xD So from what I could gather from the little… encounter was that guys like other guys that play pokemon? lol!! I dunno @.@

I have no idea why I had to tell that little story but I thought it was interesting…

I also got a B+ on my exam!! I’m so happy because I was seriously scared for it LOL!