Archive | October 24, 2012

Down betsy.


Hunny has the right idea here. I think since today was not only Wednesday but…  it was a WEDNESDAY =.= Yea. I know. I said that twice. Purposeful. Really.

School was like… meh. I drew a few new sketches… I’m thinking about putting them up on tumblr or compiling a week’s work on dA…. it’s fun =3 I’m really trying to get better at sketching just for the fun of it~ But instead of focusing on anatomy I’ve been trying to get more clothing things done sooo…. gonna try to learn how to draw feathers well as well as .. hmm…. maybe different kind of ruffles lol!

Anyways…. Dragon Nest’s cap raised up to lvl 50 instead of 40 so I’m off to spend the rest of my night with that!! <3

(what sucks though is that I got kicked out of my spot and forced to sit in the patio. It’s colder here. And I miss my stuff aorund me. But it IS more…. free? Like.. more space!)