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In celebration of Black2White2 releasing… I’m going to do a pokemon related post ^^ I haven’t actually gotten to play yet T.T I HAVE it but…. I have an exam I’m stressing over so much (it’s like ALL writing!!!) and I told myself I won’t play until afterwards so I have something to look forward to ^^

Yes… I’ve been so busy lately I love the times where I just sit around with my friends and do nothing xD It’s nice! I’m such a B player xD (sorry, part of one of classes…)

ANYWAYS! The above pokeball is actually a lunch case where you put the rice into the pokeball part and inside it is a square container where you put the extra things to eat like seaweed or meat… or eggs. But that doesn’t always sit in the pokeball when traveling xDDD
Guess how much~
$34 =.= It’s as much as the actual game right now!! -.-

It’s cute though >.> Kind of want it lol!!