Archive | October 30, 2012

Inside classes


A little insight to what I do during classes xD A class is usually an hour and 15 minutes long and I usually finish a sketch like this about halfway through (minus the lining…) But this was the first of like… 8 I’ve done so far in about a week. I find that it helps me stay awake and… focused for the most part. IT’s also really fun~ I’ve been working on not looking at reference photos too much and just trying to define my style more. It’s a working progress… gotta get all this creative stuff out because a block comes my way xD Lol~

And yes. They will forever have no faces xD

I woke up at 7 in the morning today for registration (hence the morning post..ish) And I decided to stay up~ So I spent a good 4 ish hours on writing about 4 chapters worth of notes inbetween 2 different classes. So when I actually went to class I sat there thinking to myself “heeckk yea… I got this!!” cause I knew alot of the answers and what not. (test thursday and all~) But that really wiped me out and by my second class I was dozing off so badly T.T IT was sad….. I tried taking a nap. A girl in the building was constantly looking over at us and I swear she was sketching either me or Gee xD Cause it wasn’t weird looks for out conversation… it was looks of concentration. Interesting though.

So it’s about.. midnight right now meaning… I’ve been awake and kickin for …17 hours… Ahhh… I need sleep T.T Maye I can start the cycle over and wake up early again!!! …………….. lol! Maybe.