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Life like a maze


So from the past posts about my Starcraft gaming…you can tell I’m really into mazes >.> Well.. this one is by far my best =3 Though not my most complicated which makes me a bit meh. But I got over a million damange on the boss =333 Yea…that’s a nice number =3 Beat my last score of a few months ago when it was like… 70ok.

Anyways enough about my gaming. I can’t wait until finals is done so I can have one week to finish my personal cosplays and Gee’s cosplay. Yes. A week for two full cosplays. I’m testing my limits here…. And then 1 week to gather up a few humdred dollars worth of merchandise which if I sell all -hopefully- I will be able to really expand my store by getting nicer goods and paying off some school debt that I have >.>

Today during class instead of taking notes (I listened though!) I decided to list out what I want. And That’s very important word there .. -I-. Why? Because lately it’s what other people have been expecting of me and I’m just sick of it. I want to follow my dreams. Yes. I’ll try to please as many people as I possibly can along the way but I think I’m being stretched out too thin because of expectations and it’s leading me to this spot where I don’t have…anything really. SO. I’m just going to do what I want =3 Yes. Sounds selfish and probably foolish but hey, I will take the risk. I am still young afterall =3

And even if my life is like this maze….there is a finish =3 Always a finish. So if I don’t get what I want now, I will in the future.


Pretty please with a cherry on top!

Don’t really like doing this but… I hope it generates more people willing to vote ^^;;

I entered into the ACParadise contest for Ragnarok online! It’s basically the sole reasoning I went out of my way to get the archbishop photoshoot xD Voting is finally opened so VOTE =3 (That’s a clickable link if you can’t tell…) It’s set to go right to my page but feel free to look at the other contestants! THey’re pretty cool too ^^ Granted man… I really wish I had wings in mine >.< AHH! xDD

Please and thank you if you vote ^^


Two worlds merge

I just thought this was an awesome picture which you would get if you watched Sword Art Online~ HEre… instead of talking about my pretty much useless but relaxing ish day… I’ll go with my schedule~

This week: Paper writing, commission
Next week: Paper reading, store restocking

Did I get to mention that one of the families my mother knows wants me as a daughter in law? It’s really..awkward. Because I know the guy they want to set me up with and I remember that I picked some other cute guy over him >.> I seriously don’t even remember thinking about him lol! I know.. it’s a bit sad but…. >.> I wasn’t really thinking about guys then? >.>

I had to hold back the urge to say to mother: Well you should probably tell them that I’m not really the ideal candidate xD They are probably looking for the perfect little girl that can speak the perfect language and perfect cooking skills ….. sorry~ My talents are being nurtured elsewhere ^^

This is what happens when my parents don’t really… know about a guy >.> It’s not that I’m hiding it either!! =.= Geez… back in HS when I do hide it they ask… now when I don’t they never do. Horrible.

Oh heard Taylor Swift’s new album yet? It’s lovely~ I really like a few songs~ Red… Trouble, Starlight, 22, Stay! <3

Okay sleeping early so I can wake up early, grab a coffee… and work on homework~ (Don’t ask why I’m excited for that…. I think I’m just happy I have time and hopefully I can get ahead =3 Guess what happens when I do that? COSPLAY!!) It’s like two worlds merging… school and cosplay~