Archive | October 12, 2012

Completed. Finally!

Finally uploaded all the pictures from my photoshoot from last week xD
It’s over at my cosplayness of a blog I have =3 Fine. I’ll give you a link -.-

You’re welcome.

Today.. well… today I think the sickness that was threatening to overtake me yesterday is succeeding today. I didn’t have a runny nose at all and my throat was fine all day. THEN, I come home and everything falls apart T.T It’s so sad…. But it was a really relaxing. Walked around…. window shopped (And saw a jacket I want T.T so badly…) just hung out and enjoyed it. Ate at interesting places too… >.> You saw my mushroom post xD When I was writing that we were snacking and listening to the “couple” next to us who looked like it was their awkward first date xD It was entertaining. So very awkward….. I’m glad I.. didn’t have that! But I think I did once ...ah.. good days. 

So yes. Hopefully I’m all better by tomorrow even though I refuse to take meds (they’re really gross.. it’s in liquid format!!)


Its a festival!


So since I didn’t blog yesterday…. I’m doing one on the go today!! Out exploring and at a market…. Saw this! Made me laugh for some odd reason….. >.> thought I’d share ~ -kimiko