Happy BOO!

Happy Halloween!! From pikachu~

Oddly enough I found out for a nice chunk of cosplayers we don’t like to actually dress up on  Halloween. My reason for it is…. I don’t want to dress up and be next to 50 different girls dressed in the same slutty outfit. Yea… Okay so I exaggerated a little bit. But really. At least at conventions it’s known that many cosplayers show off because they made it. Halloween is…just to be slutty in a costume.

Not like I have anything against it but even when I was in grade school I never dressed up. I went as a “cat” but it was really a batmand cape thing and… yea… I might have went as a witch one year but that was only because my mother bought me the hat xD ODd that even though I never really dressed up.. I’m doing it now. Maybe I’m making up for lost time? lol!

So all I did today was study and go to class. fascinating right? oh! I also LOST my pencil case =.= So my nice lining pens and pencils and erasers are gone for T.T I’m really sad about that….. hing.

I got home and just munched on candy because I was really sad about losing it… I completely forgot it on a window sill and … Gee went back to get it like 2 hours laters when he could (I was in class… and very far away) and it was gone! T.T Hur. Oh well. No use crying over spilled milk. I might check the lost and found later but I doubt its there….



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