Archive | January 16, 2013

That cheesy stuff


Mac and cheese… fancy style xD Well… for the most part. It sure beats the regular cheddar mac and cheese you cake from that container for like a $1 at the store xDD But this one was at the cornor bakery and had 3 cheeses with bacon and tomatoes  Good. Pretty good. Thanks Gee for paying =3 I’m so low on money I’m starting to get to that stressing point. It’s not even budgeting that’s my problem, it’s just… no income flowing in. It doesn’t help i’m just applying to unpaid last minute internships and not jobs >.> Yea…. tomorrow  I’ll get on that. xD

Anyways today was eventful. Went to boba… had a LAN party >.> Yea. Hea got us to play some League of Legends. Yea. You know that game so many people are addicted to? I know why… it’s cause you have so many options!! xD Not quite addicted to it yet though. It’s nice but… takes way too much time. I’d rather play Dragon nest >.> Kind of the same thing… just fighting monsters! =3

It was funny because during LoL I said to Gee “come here my little bug!” which was just cause he was playing as a bug looking dino character xD And it made hea want to barf the sappyness out of us. Though I don’t see why… it’s better than me saying “I’m coming for you my love!” right? xD See? I can be much worse =3

Yea… I play too many games. It’s okay! tomorrow is a work day. I need to get read for school soon too o.o