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Asuna middle… getting there!

 photo DSCN2696_zps3b062c35.jpg

I finished it… last night =3 Asuna’s front piece. I decided to do it separately for the sake of…. trying this way out. It’s not completely done because I still have to add in the details but…. it’s getting there. Yep. See. I’m being productive =3 Today I did stuff for mother and tried.. TRIED to get ready for school tomorrow. ….yea… friends dragged me into another LoL game since it was double IP this weekend xD We got a decent amount. Saw alot of deaths… I seem to do worse and worse as time goes on >.> It’s horrible. OR maybe I need a different support..? (coughGEEcough)

Did you know Korea (I think korea) has a GG ahri?!? <3 I WANT IT! Can I cosplay it? =33

Cute huh~ <3

But for me since I can’t get this =3= I will just get her firefox… yea. more LoL talk. It’ll probably be like this for awhile. You know the drill. Addictions xD