Double it!


First day of spring session =3 Yea…. it didn’t start off well with some good old minor road rage (people REALLY need to learn to drive correct as well as not so dang fast) spin my mother’s nagging at me and no breakfast… You have the perfect first day!!

…okay. So maybe not. But see this burger up there? It wasn’t mine… but it was suppose to be a regular cheese one and he got a double double xD fatty much? xD Even with a burger… man he’s … he’s…. (insert legendary word here) What? Okay I’m a little mushy >.> Something about a man in white? LOL! AND black. Just enough of both~

Enough about him >.> And his royal fattiness. Who now is telling me not to run away from him…. don’t ask.

Yes! The first day. Got coffee. Got a tummy ache. Lack of food (leading up to these glorious in n out burgers) and …. going home early to play LoL! Oh man. We’re addicted so badly… if you haven’t gotten the gist of that already xD

Oh! man am I also so awkward in class. I felt like I was scaring everyone away >.> Is that weird? That’s weird huh…. -.- Oh well. Okay. My last first day done =3 (well.. at least at this school)


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