Looking at the bright side

Guys… it’s a sad day.

So my cousin…. said he could cut hair and all really nicely.And I was like… my hair is down to my butt already… he can cut it! It can’t be that bad…


It’s like elementary school all over again T.T I haven’t had my hair this short in… well over a century. Really. Down side? I hate it. Up side? I get to try out new hairstyles and what not! My shower times have also been cut in half lol! I’m letting it grow out for a few weeks until I ask mother to re-cut it so it looks…. decent. Yea…..


No picture. Sorry. What I’m most sad about is… I can’t do my long haired cospalys anymore!! BUT. My hair is probably at perfect length for this:

Yea. That’s right =3 This movie is so cute… lol~ <3

So I think I’ll go for a more cutsy look now.. more asian~ =3 This will be fun! lol! I’m still  young? I can still do it =3


3 thoughts on “Looking at the bright side

  1. Thats why you should never let people on your hair if you dont really want to… .Its sad i loved your long hair also very much mine does not grow that fast its like a little down the shoulders length but only a little.I wish i had such long hair you had…. .

      • It just grew xD I never really cut my hair past a certain length…. Though at this point I’m tempted to find some special way to make it grow back faster lol!

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