Archive | January 12, 2013

I do have a boy~

I don’t believe I posted about this even though I remember listening to this song SO much when it first came out.. which is not too long ago. And honestly.. I still get it stuck in my head >.> It looks like a fun dance to learn as a workout xD really!

I think throughout the song I only don’t like one part… Taeyeon’s part I believe where she says “Ah my prince!” but in Korean xD It’s some very high pitched part… Afterwards Sunny (the one with the blue hair… or pink. It changes xD) does her lovely high pitched part which sounds just fine I believe.

My favorite? “DJ, let’s bring it back to 140” =3 SICA <3

btw if you haven’t looked for the actual lyrics of the song, it’s actually pretty cool

Anyways… I’m done spazzing.. today was a lot of doing nothing.. as like yesterday… I’m restricting myself to no minecraft until it turns dark tomorrow >.>