Who… are you?


Well if you can’t read it… the first line says:

“Nikki! I can text now! Lol delete the other texting number you have haha”

Which… I got this from a number I didn’t know. Do you know how confused I was?! And since this person obviously knew me I wasn’t going to write back “do I know you?” and so I decided to go a different route… I wanted to see if I could get the other person to give me a clue to who they are so I wouldn’t get the whole “you didn’t know it was me!” kind of spiel.

Anyways in the end I just asked for her to identify herself with a security question xDD Yea… I know. >.>;;

Anyways. Tomorrow is a long day at school I believe… maybe? maybe. I won a few games of LoL =3 Happy! Annnnd…. I haven’t done much else. I did get to wear one of m own bows today =3 I loved it. It works well with this hair =3 I’m happy!


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