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Prints galore~

 photo DSCN3744_zpsee23ae5a.jpg

Just a picture of me looking tired after a day’s work xD This was taken during the clean-up process where we take home most of the merchandise just so its safe =3 With the new display and all… it made the clean up and set up super easy =3 OH! And you can see part of my archer outfit! Another artist actually knew who I was from!! I was AMAZING. Plus when I wore my arch bishop from Ragnarok alot of people spazzed cause you don’t see it often I guess xD And honestly… it makes me want to cosplay more game characters… the details are always so amazing and even though not everyone recognizes you… It’s more fun for me and worth it!

Seriously learned so much from this convention. Im at the post convention stage where I just want to marvel and work more. And that normally doesnt happen…

But I did clean today! I was totally relaxing and productive! And plus Pacchi has a nice area to sit in my closet now =3 So I open it up and see him~ Although I’ve been kinda attached to him lately… so he doesn’t stay in there for long lol

 photo DSCN3754_zpsf9d3a56a.jpg

Oh right! Then I also changed up my wall to accommodate 2 new prints! The zelda&pokemon on on the bottom left is a gift from the lovely Ajka and then the flute player which is actually her art =3 I want a few new prints as I want to replace…about 3 of them up there xD My AX badge in the middle is beastly though =3 (and you can see Pacchi in the corner~)

I’m SUPER tired though. I actually fell asleep at the office and I woke up half drooling and also to the point where my teeth was digging into my lip and I lost feeling on my arm T.T Horrible nap!! But worth it? xD Always worth it~


Some people are just awesome.

Really. Do you see all the details in this piece of art?! It’s crazy. xD Awesome Tirramisu did it, our ALA table mate =3 The picture above just got a Daily Deviant award on dA which is pretty huge cause only a handful are picked for each day. It’s really cool. Every deviant wants it, only so many get it >.< I’m still hoping! One day~~ I need an awesome cosplay and an awesome picture for that though. And still then….. >.> who knows. But she was kind enough to feature my pictures and Gee’s art  so I’m doing the same!

Aside from that stuffs. I’m taking a home day tomorrow to get things done~ Hopefully I can get alot! Need to get ready for a product “photo shoot” soon too =3 I’m kind of excited for it lol! I also think I’ll pay a visit to… the office tomorrow o.o crazy huh. I really need to get work done T.T

I just has a last game of LoL… with some (insert foul name here) and others (insert insulting name here) because they played dirty and cheap tricks. SO. It kinda got me in a weird mood >.> I wanna beat someone up.

Will have more pictures up soon though! Hopefully of how short my hair got… it’s not so bad though~ really! Growing to like it =3


Art. By nail.


Do you see the art done by nail~? xDDD I know I know… that was horrible >.<;; I drew a flower though! On a jamba juice cup… I was bored >.> It’s what happens when I apparently have separation anxiety for an hour lol ^-^;; Justttt an hour~ I was actually catching up with a friend while doing this… during that time I found a pet peeve of mine… when talking to someone while walking and they decide to always walk a few paces ahead of you… it feels like I’m talking to the back of your head!! =.= It annoys me…

So yes. I spent my time today waiting and… walking and.. honestly? Not very..productive at all. I mean if anything… all that I really did was spend a lot of money and eat food. Yep. Oh… and laugh. Alot.

Man.. I have to go back to keeping a time log >.>

Sorry for like… missing posts and what not. I try to get a post in everyday but my phone has been dying thus I can’t really post form my phone (found a way around that! I bring a spare battery with me EVERYWHERE) and then last night someone had to sit in my car talking for the longest time while people outside creeped me out… and that lasted till like 1 in the morning. So you can tell by the time I got home and showered I was dead tired. But not tired enough to skimp out on running two dungeons on DN =3 Wo!


Loot day~


Ahhh!!! How cool is this =3333 So it was the last day of an anime con and as always… I will show you my loot! This time.. it’s a bit different from my normal after-con-loot photos. Why? Because this photo is special~ Let me explain.

Since it is the first time doing an artist alley booth… we tried to get to know some artists! And this is the result of it! xDD First off… I wore pichu for 2 of the 3 days of the con and an artist named Goldie decided to draw a thank you picture for me because I bought her button ^^ which is the pikachu one you see up there too. I thought it was the cutest thing ever that someone would draw me as a surprise for me! <3 Pure awesomeness. xD The big pokeball print you see is from another artist who we talked to and ended up doing an art trade~ (well… more like Herms and Lilly traded xD) and then the big navi you see there (The blue blob) a kid traded me for an ear because she didn’t have enough money to buy >.< But whatever… end of con, I was happy! I’ll trade for the ears~ The wholte square above you can’t really rell but it’s a decal of the soot ball from totoro! Gee got the actual Totoro xD

Anyways.. last day… turned out pretty good. Decent. It was fun…. I hope the other artists liked us >.> Not like we must be liked but… I want more friends in the community especially to work with ^^

Oh… but I came home from the con around 5 so the rest of the day was dedicated to CLEANING! Spending a full week on getting ready for the con turned the room into a mess >.< But more on AM2 Con on my cosplay blog soon! (hopefully? I have a few things on my list I need to finish T.T)


Poke colors~

*Picture deleted, sorry, can’t find it again!! T.T*

Don’t ask me who the artist is because I’m  a bit lazy to actually find the name… but these three artworks have been everywhere so It won’t be hard to find the person xD I absolutely LOVE the grass pokemon =33333 my Mag <3

Now that I think about it… who doesn’t know pokemon?! So universal.. I’m still a hardcore poke fan =3 It’s just… such a great idea!! Makes me want to try an experiment to make plushies or life sized drawings? How cool would that be?! gaaahh!!!

Well today was… fun too!! Had a old trip that me and Gee used to go on alot. Boba. Book store. clothes shopping. Talk time. Yogurt =3 It was… quite interesting… very interesting. Even after hearing some bad news today… after all the good that has happened it didn’t really affect me for that long. Maybe a good half hour? Now I’m back to normal munching on some cream puffs =3 It’s yummy!!!

Ahhh… such a great start to spring break, now time to relax at home and get some work done =3