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Ahri backup

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I couldn’t resist @.@

I swear league has taken over my lifeeee! I NEVER and I mean.. once. But really never spend money on games! The first time was once during my maplestory days… it was like $5 or something. And I felt so bad about it….. (especially since we quit not so long afterwards….) And now here comes league with skins that really does nothing for gameplay other than look cooler…. and I have spent… oh… maybe $40…. and then I get skins as gifts and cards as gifts and its like o.o;; I’m starting to realize how much I spend on league and.. honestly. Wouldn’t change it =3

So Popstar Ahri released recently and comon… it’s a spin off from Girl’s Generation’s Genie!! How could I not. I’ll admit.. it looks odd. But her tails are pink and she does their dance!!! But recently we played the mode where we were AHRIS =3 As you can see, this was the loading screen!! I’m in the middle and my friends are my “backup dancers” xD It’s so adorable!!!

My day lately have been… weird. I woke up late today cause I ended up sleeping at 4am even though I tried not to =.= Don’t ask. xD And so I woke up late.. got nagged at. Did laundry and a nice long hot shower. Got ready.. got ready again cause the first time didn’t work out xD And then went off to the office! Which only lasted an hour before going out to see friends and then going home to eat ribs. Yea… then freaked out cause I can’t find my foam for my props!!! Which I realize.. I might have used it all… so I need to buy more now T.T Now I’m not sure what to do… cosplay planning? Hm. Maybe. I need to get so much done. Might as well just run with it all!!


I like Ahri…

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heh… I’ve been getting a lot better with playing Ahri from League of Legends and… well.. it’s gotten to the point where she has become my phone lock screen wallpaper! What did you look at first~? xD The face right? Or maybe the bit of saliva coming off her mouth and tail…. >.>

Well… I love this on my phone~ I believe Gee has Sona on his and Hea has… Kayle? all of our pictures are kinda… boobish. lol! I always feel kind of paranoid people will think I’m this huge perv at school if they see it though… is it weird for a girl to have this as her background? >.>;; I don’t think so but…. eh. At least it’s a drawing and not some real girl’s boobs. Is this better or worse than myself as my background… lol! xDD

Anyways… I took a boba and shopping trip by myself (ish) Went to boba with my brother and ducked into forever 21  for a bit to see the sales. I found a few things that were just okay… but I thought… why go buy stuff if its just… okay? I don’t want to spend money on a skirt I would only wear at home -.- I need stuff to wear out! so… left empty handed. This time. I need to go back.


Asuna middle… getting there!

 photo DSCN2696_zps3b062c35.jpg

I finished it… last night =3 Asuna’s front piece. I decided to do it separately for the sake of…. trying this way out. It’s not completely done because I still have to add in the details but…. it’s getting there. Yep. See. I’m being productive =3 Today I did stuff for mother and tried.. TRIED to get ready for school tomorrow. ….yea… friends dragged me into another LoL game since it was double IP this weekend xD We got a decent amount. Saw alot of deaths… I seem to do worse and worse as time goes on >.> It’s horrible. OR maybe I need a different support..? (coughGEEcough)

Did you know Korea (I think korea) has a GG ahri?!? <3 I WANT IT! Can I cosplay it? =33

Cute huh~ <3

But for me since I can’t get this =3= I will just get her firefox… yea. more LoL talk. It’ll probably be like this for awhile. You know the drill. Addictions xD


I should laugh.. LoL?

Actually to be more exact… GEE did it again. He got me addicted to another game. So not only do I want to play minecraft… and Dragon Nest… I now want to play League of Legends. Did I already mention that? Probably. Well now that I’m a level 8 summoner (yes that’s not much but it kinda feels like it for a few days worth of plays) I have to say it’s dang addicting T.T I found two characters (the free ones right now) that I really like.

The cute one:

Ahri~ I love her charm move and the “w” move that throws out 3 lovely balls. Anyways.

And then the creepy but oddly cute one:

This is his Monarch skin though, super cute =3 His normal one you can just google “Kog’maw”

Yep. This is a nerdy post. And remember how I’ve been trying to find an internship or job? Yea. That goal has been kicked into overdrive. Why? Parents. Everyone T.T I feel so behind but at the same time… I’ve accomplished so much! It’s… so odd! I think it’s the whole “stage transition” part of my life. You know.. .getting to that 9 to 5 job. T.T

Then I was with my friends and they gave me a brilliant idea…. why not just get a job in a huge game company? I know the products… and I have a special skill set! I can do it. I can! So now I’m more than ever motivated to get into ONE company (can you guess by this post? lol!) And even though I think it’s slim (my outlook on job searching has gone down and down) I’m still looking towards it positively with some small glimmer of hope at the end of that tunnel…

Alright. now here’s where I say sorry for not posting for 2 days. It’s odd right? Well Thursday I was lazy and was playing LoL till late >.> Then Friday I was playing LoL as a drinking LAN party >.> Now that was interesting. =3 I shouldn’t tell all the glory details but…. is it bad to say I kind of enjoy seeing Gee kinda tipsy? He’s gets like.. exponentially sappy which I never get to see. It’s so so…… awesome. LOL Granted seeing him like that all the time would kill it. So I guess if I’m ever feeling down about my relationships… just get some drinks into him lol! <3