Today.. today today todaaaay….

Hum. I went to joanns! Got some beads and ribbon for my dress…
Also was so close to buying an off white skirt but.. meh. It was an okay skirt. I want a really cute skirt x3
Then bought some lace~ Yep. Lace ^^
And tried out some Caribbiean Passion at Jamba Juice. It was a nice change. Thanks to Kasuki~ She always owes me boba cause I drive her so much xD

And now I’m back to doing my cosplay! I’m REDOING the sewing part of miku’s top to the skirt. Why? I re looked at it and it was done Very…very sloppily. So I’ll take today to redo that as well as draw out a design for the front. Lets see how this goes…

Well… OH Also I got… alot of rice cracker~ You know.. the japanese kind.. oh imma be so fat.. x3


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