Archive | May 21, 2010

Google taking overrrrr


Yea Lame picture.
It’s cause I woke up late for work and… well.. I look like crap!
I do like how my hair looks… I finally mastered a bun ^-^

Anyhow. I’m at the office. I want to get at the office in the mornings now so I can work untill I have to pick up my sister, then I have the rest of the day for myself! and… of course cosplay~

Though!! What’s really distracting me is GOOGLE!
Did you see the google banner today? So addicting T.T Pacman!! lol~
I cant believe google is trying to change up the tv stuff. slowly.. .google is taking over. But I’m not surprised. It has a cute name ^^
But I like it.. cause I keep missing the Tyra Show!! And I want to watch all the episodes >.> They are funny to me ^^;;
And I can’t find any episodes at all on the internet!! Like I can but.. not the ones I missed. So.. I just wait for reruns T.T
I guesss it makes for good cosplay time.. lol~

Now I gotta finish some work.. aha… hopefully.. T.T you know what.. maybe I’ll post up a long needed post for my cosplay blog. Maybe. maybe. xD

For now… tata~ Cause I’m eating SPRING ROLLS!