Archive | May 30, 2010

Ohh ruffles


This picture is a bit weird. I think I flipped it funny xD So just look and wonder at the angle…Iono.
Actually! This is just I’ve been working on cosplay x3 Yea. I’m working ^^

Lets see though.. todaaay… I woke up.. ate. Ate some pho.. chicken pho. But like.. my bowl had alot of fat in it and I think that’s the first time I didn’t finish eating the bowl. Like.. It was … hate to say this… kinda gross o.o;; The bowl was so shiny, I could feel the oil transferring from the bowl to the shininess on my face! T.T So I didn’t finish it, I felt kinda sick after eating so much of it though…

Then went to my daddy’s to drop off food. Right now my mom and dad are in some sort of … I’m not gonna say fight. More like my mom’s been on the edge and my daddy hasnt been helping it >.< And I don’t wanan get caught in the middle! But I have to find some stuff in the “How to influence people” Book to show my mommy so … well.. lets just say I have a plan xD

Then went to Marukai~ Why? Cause I got gas money and its near the gas station I usually go to x3 I got… a hair chipstick and a necklace. Why? Eh… I felt like getting something but not sure what. And it was.. cheap x3 Also got some boba~ BOBAAA. But its not the same drinking it with your sis than drinking it with someone elseee…

And I FINALLY have whole base for Miku done ^^ It’s… kidna funky. I was a bit impatient and sewed a little too quickly. So there are bad spots where it ruffles wrongly. But it’s not noticeable.. hopefully.. T.T

Oh! And I’ve been watching Coffee Prince! unfortunately I can’t find anything good in the drama that can transfer to my own life.. xD.. well unless I wanna pretend to be a guy. But I don’t think that’s a good route for me..

Maybe this week I’ll finally go outta the house and drive to see friends. … maybe. i don’t know if I want to completely yet xD
But I do have an incentive to get out of the house to see someone. What is it? I want my rock. Yep. My rock.