Archive | May 12, 2010

Jellies ^^


They are the yummiest scrumptious little thingys you’ll ever eat~ Okay maybe not EVER… but man they are addicting!!

And actually today.. I havent had any!! It’s cause today was kinda weird.
I woke up late. Got to school late.
I am absolutely HATING my history teacher xD You know why? Cause he called me out in class for sleeping >.>
Yea he chooses now to care if I sleep?! Absolutely… rawr.
So I don’t like him. Likehe was on my good side by giving me perfect score and letting me nap.
And so in the class time I.. well my mind kinda went berserk.. don’t wanna know what I was thinking about -.-
Nothing…nvm. xD I was thinking.. leverage! In a way…

Anyhow! Then I totally bombed my wushu final. Seriously. I’m not gonna even talk about it. Hopefully they go easy on me because I’ve been to night practices. Bleh… but lunch.. went okay. Made some calls, got some calls. TRIED to nap but didn’t T.T I had only rice and seaweed for lunch too -.- and a banana! But I didn’t really have an appetite.. probably because of the sickness I felt after messing up in wushu so badly T.T

Then I went to English class and BSed my in class essay.. good thing I did extra credit. I hope that saves my butt. I also hope that gets me an A! I worked hard T.T AMST? gotta do some MASSIVE studying. Art? Lol! I’ll.. study day-of for that~ xD

And I got… Royal milk Tea today ^-^ I would say boba but.. apparently I forgot to order it so T.T I only had tea. No boba T.T Choco milk tea tastes funny too… xP

Ah yesh so I got some.. some studying done. Just… lots of .. talking I guess? Distractions everywhere!
But its basically crunch time/finals week for me now. Until Wednesday comes.. im busy busy busy.
Well.. actually tomorrow I’m planing to clean and maybe get some cosplay work done xD And READ! yes read T.T

So yes ^-^ Thats it..  now I’m going to… distract people~