Archive | May 16, 2010

Roses and a Wedding


So as I said before my mommy gave me a rose ^-^ I had lots of fun taking picture sof it before it got eaten by Hunny!
Which.. Hunny bunny really likes roses. So I think I’ll tell people I like roses so Hunny will be happy… =P
no but I really like… well I wont say~ ^-^

Ah so today I was suppose to do homework and study but. Nope!
Instead I stalled to go shopping but I never did because my mom deagged me off to a wedding!
Yes. A wedding. Reception.

The wedding waasssss… not so great. Like.. they wanted to cram in so many people it was very very crowded. And the decorations? Decent. Not so fabulous. See .. when I see these wedding stuff I know mine will be better =P But then again.. it all just depends on the money!
The food.. that was soooooooooooooooo good.
First some appetizer.. not sure what it was.
Then crab soup!
Then lobster!! But the seasoned and cut into pieces one.
And omgsh Duck with mushroommmss *drools*
The one of my personal favorites, honey shrimp with cashews. Though lately I haven’t really been liking the cashews with it.
Then… that one dish of seafood in a bird’s nest? I think it’s called bird’s nest.
Fried rice!
A fish like.. croquette? It was yummy.
-insert missing dish I forgot-
Then oranges and lychee~
And CAKE! Though it was mocha cake -.-
I couldn’t even eat all of it cause my mom wanted to leave!! T.T And the one lady that really likes me wanted to get me a big piece of cake to bring home ^-^ Cause.. she knew I only went for the cake. But noo my mommy stopped her T.T Oh well…

It was nice. People wanted me to meet their sons xD it was funny to me. I kept like.. laughing and smiling at the stupid texts I got so the old people at the table looked at me so weird T.T

But! That was my day~
I’m so tired. I’m off to sleep.
Oh! Lookie the dress I wore too. Remember it? Its soooo old! But I couldn’t wear the black/pink dress T.T they already saw me in it! So this was fine >.<;;