Archive | May 20, 2010

No more finals ^^


Chubby cheeks -.-;; o-o

Anyhow! Today was… kinda chill. I wanted to start on cosplay but I decided….
I’ll take today off to catch up on work and all and then I’ll start on cosplay tomorrow! And when I mean start.. I MEAN it. Because starting tomorrow my goal is to get at least one thing done of my cosplay everyday. Yes. Everyday. Unless I have a good excuse, in which I have to make up for lost time the next day!

Then I also decided to get fat today. Had pink snowballs. you know the chocolete cake half circle with cream inside and marshmallow on the outside (pink!) and coconut shavings on it. Drool huh? xP Also some honey and bbq chips.. so yummy. Then bbq sunflower seeds. coconout m&ms (they were my sis’s) and brisk ice tea! lemon xD

All that while ‘working’ I also did the take home final for history. I kept forgetting about it. Took me in total.. maybe 2 hours max? I read about 3 pages and write a page of reflection. This is with some distraction, not too much though ^-^

Though.. what was interesting was my really really.. REALLY funny typos today xD I have no idea why I had so many…
But it turned out to become chicken flavored churro… yum.
I have no idea why that sound so.. so… -insert adj-

Other than that. I gotta pick up around the house now~ Ohh and apparently I can’t say anything to defend myself from my mom’s accusations anymore. This is getting .. stupid -.-