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Hey cooky!!

Hey Cooky! SNSD’s ad for a new phone~ other than the Chocolete~
Though… I should be putting up the caribbean bay one.. x3
I will later! ^0^;;

I seriously don’t remember if I put this video up on here yet. So here it goes anyways because this song has been stuck in my head -.-;;

Hey mickey your so fine, your so fine you… la dadeda~
Just cooky!


<3 I heart .. rocks xD


This is by far the cutest rock in my collection xD
I know what you thinking…
“Kimi… you are so lame. you collect rocks?! Thats so last decade!”
No see… I only want rocks from new places ^-^ Like when I go on trips. And when other people go on trips xD I don’t ask for some $50 souviner (though don’t get me wrong.. those are nice to have too!!) But at LEAST get me a rock. Not some ugly rock either!
So I’m very happy that someone finally took me seriously and gave me a rock that I wanted.
This is from the desert! zazzy? zyazzy..something like that -.-;;
The last rock I took was not from SF T.T But from a retreat in high school… hum… now that I think of it. I usually get rocks when I’m alone xD Like that retreat wasn’t so great for me. I was such a loner! So I woke up early and I was lucky my cabin was next to the river, so I went out and sat on the log in the middle and just.. looked for a cute rock. I think I took 3 total from the trip… all are decent. Most just abstractly shaped. Which is probably why I like this one alot.. because it has a shape ^-^ <3

And sooo I’m doing this post a bit early because I’m kinda bored at school xD
I did some math.. but I needed my book and blah blah -insert more excuses-
I’ll get it done! Later >.> I’m so underestimating all my studying work I need to do.. -.-;; But knowing me.. I’ll get it done one way or another.

I’m eating Lee’s Sandwhiches right now.. its decent to have some days, I’m not too fond of eating it alot though…

you know what… this post is taking a turn. I was gonna write about myself but…
I have to thank everyone that reads my blog xD I originally made it for myself but I’m glad some people may find some sort of enjoyment or… closeness because of it. Relevance to themselves? I’m not sure what -.-;;
So for the people that I know that read it (for the most part at least):
@Kasuki: I’m glad it keeps you up in class xD
@Erukii: You are awesome for always commenting even if the post is pointless~ But it does make me happy (and apparently sometimes annoyed o.o;; gomen)
@Lulu: I have no idea how you came across my blog but I’m glad you did xD You make me want to learn German! haha~ Sorry if I tend to forget to write back to you, its just my bad memory!
@Socks: I dunno if you still my blog o.o;; Occasionally I guess, but I know when cause my views goes up like 50 xD
@Gee: Newcomer in reading my blog! I dunno why you laugh at some stuff in here but I guess your just weird enough to get the inside jokes.. so good!

And here is when I preach to you all: Be sure to see my cosplay blog! I updated some Alice in-progess posts! But when I get some real pictures in I’ll be sure to update it on here too ^-^ Oh oh you should soo see my bg on my laptop right now. Can you say… narcerisstic? Thats for another post ^-^